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Going Solar...Something to Know!


Good information, but a little bit of an ad also...California

Best solar panels are Sunpower:

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The 7 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid When Going Solar At California Solar Guide, we’ve been designing solar systems for over 20 years. Solar is a big investment. In our experience, here are the 7 biggest mistakes to avoid when going solar. These secrets about solar will help you avoid a costly mistake. Avoiding mistake #5 will save you thousands of dollars.

FREE online customized quote from Sunpower:

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Great info on going with a installer or a little more on your own with a electrician...

Having solar panels and a home solar system is awesome but these are my 3 biggest regrets, now that I've had solar power for over six years. #solar#solarpower#diy


• SOLAR POWER: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide / How To:

• 6 MISTAKES DIYers Make When Wiring Outlets

• 4 Minute Fix for Damaged Power Cord / Plug Replacement Save hundreds on Tesla Solar by using this referral link:


• Watts 24/7 Solar Inverters, Panels & Parts:

• Tesla Solar with $300 Savings:

• Momentum Solar:

• Blue Raven Solar:

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5 mistakes to avoid when going solar, solar system, solar panels, solar system for home It’s great to see more and more people switch to solar energy. But many of them lack experience and try to cut corners where they shouldn’t have. In this video, Jason will list people's most common mistakes when going solar and how to avoid them.

Top 5 solar panel brands:

How to choose solar panels for your home:

5 costly mistakes to avoid when getting solar panels. Part 2:

Download free A1SolarStore guide on saving money with solar energy here:


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