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Hurricane Season Starts June 1st!

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Be Ready! Hurricanes

  • Before

    • Cover windows with storm shutters or plywood.

    • Tune in for local information.

    • Know how to turn off your gas, electricity, and water in case you need to evacuate.

    • Secure outdoor items by moving them to the garage.

    • Make an emergency kit.

    • Designate a shelter area if you can’t evacuate. Rooms without windows are best.

  • After

    • If your home has damage, do not reenter until it has been examined by a building inspector for safety.

    • Prevent mold growth; by airing out rooms and disinfecting.

    • Tap water may not be safe to drink. Listen to local warnings. More information

    • Throw away food that may be unsafe. More information

    • Prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. Use generators, stoves, and grills outside and away from windows and doors.


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Preparing for the 2021 Hurricane Season

Living in Florida offers many benefits and advantages, but be sure to thoroughly prepare for the 2021 Atlantic Hurricane Season starting June 1. After assessing damages done from hurricanes in the past few years, Floridians are encouraged to have at least 7 days of supplies. These supplies include food, water, medicine, batteries, etc. Each family and business is advised to be adequately stocked and prepared to face this hurricane season.

During the past three years, four hurricanes have made landfall in Florida, including Hurricane Michael, the first hurricane to make landfall in the U.S. as a Category 5 since Hurricane Andrew in 1992. If you are unsure of what to do when disaster strikes, make a plan today. To get you and your family started on planning visit

If you are an owner of a business and want to ensure that you will be able to continue business after a disaster, visit to get started on planning.

For information about planning for any disaster and for disaster preparedness tips, visit


If you're new to the area and need a crash course on how to get ready for your first hurricane!


Charles "Skip" Geiser

Plum Tree Real Estate Marketing


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