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New Build, New Problems: Why Getting a Home Inspection on a New Home is a Must...

Congratulations you just put a contract on a newly constructed home.

Get a home inspection...I'll say it again get a home inspection!

I know, I know "The builder/builders agent said it's built to county code". Certainly all new homes have to be built at minimum to national, state and local standards. The key to that statement is that pesky word "minimum" school a C was considered passing but if I came home with a C my parents were usually not pleased with the amount of work that I put into my grades. New homes are not usually built by a person but by a large company (contractor) that hires out a group of subcontractors to do the work and the company/contractor "oversees" that work. Now that is a simplification of the process but for our example it's accurate. If they are building multiple homes at the same time ,which most do, it would be impossible for them to be present at all the homes they have being constructed by subcontractors not to mention be there when the county inspectors come to look at the home and look at the work that was done. Having a trained set of eyes that have your best interest in mind to check the work that was done would seem very reasonable even advisable. Now you may be saying but Skip, man, an inspection is going to cost me money and the home comes with a one year warranty won't any major problems show up in the first year? Maybe. I have had sellers who purchased a new home from a builder and waved the home inspection and when they went to sell the home years later were brought a list of items that were found on the new buyers home inspection that could have been addressed by the builder but now are the sellers responsibility to have repaired. It is in your best interest to get a good home inspection on every home you purchase.

If you are thinking of purchasing a new home or a preexisting home I would love to meet with you to show you how I can help you through the process.


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